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“There are no solutions, only trade-offs.” - Thomas Sowell

Trade-offs are everywhere especially when it comes to our hardest problems. And the best answers are usually hard to find and start small, hence the title of this substack.

Movements Start Small is an attempt clarify my own thoughts on this complex world, improve my writing as well as save my friends from overbearing rants. I am going to try to do a monthly editorial—each under 1000 words. I will also share links to other ideas I think are worth reading—usually from other non full-time thinkers who are picking up their insights by building things—businesses, non-profits, etc.  I am interested in new ideas that can have a material impact on our biggest problems but take full account of trade-offs and unintended consequences. Politics will be in the mix, and I will surely offend all sides as I view most partisan orthodoxy as being hamstrung by the inertia of times passed.

I co-founded a software fund in San Antonio called Scaleworks. We also started a fund focused on regenerative agriculture called Soilworks. This blog is unrelated to either and represents my personal views.

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Building SaaS companies @scaleworks and @elementsaas. Investing in Regenerative Ag @soilworksNC.