Good Reads - October 2020

  1. I call it the Prius Problem but turns out there is a real name for a policy solution that actually makes things worse: The Cobra Effect. I worry we will get a lot of Cobras in the years ahead as good intent has become more important than positive outcomes.

  2. Real-world progress using CRISPR to edit genes and cure several blood diseases. After decades of hype, gene technology will surely make waves in the coming decade. Complications are sure to ensue.

  3. Who has the highest marginal tax rates? The working poor as they lose benefits with rising income. The social safety net is needed but complicated - and incentives are powerful.

  4. The most important policy book I have read in the last few years: The Bitcoin Standard. It really should be called the history of money and central banking. All the issues discussed will become top of mind in the years ahead as we print more dollars.

  5. Want a dose of optimism, humor, and hope? Ted Lasso is the cultural rebuke to the nastiness of the Trump era without an ounce of politics.