Good Reads - May 2020 #2

  1. Follow up info from last week’s comment. Nursing homes remain exposed and deadly. Ventilators increasingly look like the wrong way to provide oxygen.

  2. Really enjoying two books on crime. Sam Quinones book on opioids Dreamland. Fascinating and important. And, Don Winslow’s crime novellas Broken.

  3. The Cannonball Run is back. No costumes or ambulances, just high tech wizardry to avoid the cops. 27 hours driving cross country—a new record. Now would be a good time to break it.

  4. The Carbon Negative Burger. Yes, it’s real grass fed beef. Regenerative style. This one hits close to home to personal projects underway—more to come.

  5. The Rorschach epidemic. Like most things these days, we see what we want to see and politics is at the center. More open minds needed.

  6. Billy Collins classic poem The Lanyard is a Mother’s Day must read.